Insert Drop Down Text Boxes

With InspectFaster Home Inspection Software, you can easily create and insert drop-down text lists into your narratives. When you are ready to insert a text list, place your cursor where you would like the list to appear, and then click on the "Insert Dropdown List" icon.


An empty dropdown list appears. Clicking on the list will activate the "Edit Dropdown List" icon. 


Click on the "Edit Dropdown List" icon to open the "Dropdown List Editor". This is where you will create the list. Click on the "+" button to add the first option. After typing it in, press the enter or return key (or it will not save).


Options/list items can be moved by dragging and dropping. The option at the top of the list will be the "default" item that appears in the narrative. Once you've completed the list, click OK.


That's it. You've created a dropdown list. The items in the list can be single words, numbers, or multiple words, numbers, or sentences.