Home Inspection Reports

Download a sample home inspection report

One of the biggest — and most common — mistakes a home inspector can make when entering the business is to not give much thought to the type of inspection report they will be providing their customers. A professional-looking, easy to read home inspection report is an essential part of any home inspection service, and plays an important role in the image that your company presents. Inspection reports should be clean and simple. Too much fluff or funny stuff (boxes and borders, excessive use of color, an abundance of icons or cute little symbols, etc.) and it starts to read more like a comic book than the legal document that it is. Therefore, choosing the right home inspection report software is something you need to do before you enter the business, not after.

If you are looking for an affordable way to create great looking, easy-to-read home inspection reports that will be well received by both customers and real estate agents alike, then you need not look any further. InspectFaster has the solution. Compare our sample home inspection report with reports created by other home inspection software, and you'll quickly see just how clean and efficient our inspection reports are in comparison. Click here to download a sample home inspection report created with InspectFaster.

Talking about being agent friendly... If you were to take the time to create inspection reports with the other home inspection software out there — using the exact same narratives and images — and you were then to count how many report pages there were, you would find that, on average, reports created with InspectFaster contain 35% fewer pages than reports created with other home inspection software.